Monday, July 17

Girl You Know It's True

Knowing my affection for Milli Vanilli, Chris donned 2 El Cid/ZZ Top beards and Honor's stocking cap to set the stage for our date tomorrow night. Pirates II - woohoo!

Important Poll:
1st - Quickly say "Pirates of the Caribbean outloud. Now - how did you pronounce it?

Pirates of the Care uh BEE un


Pirates of the Ca RI bee un??

Just curious.

Completely off-topic....I have got to change this webpage. These colors are irritating me and have been for quite some time. I love the kiddos' site but Andie uses the same background and I don't want to be a copycat. I'd love to find a way to customize this one. I need bright, cheerful colors! Not drab and dark! Clean and CRISP! Any suggestions?

Lend an Ear

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Jennie C. said...

Yes! If you look in the blogger help articles, they tell you how to change your colors. Just search for it. If you change your template, though, make sure you copy your changes, like your links, otherwise you'll have to type them all in again. And it's Ca RI bee un. Of course.

Lillian said...

Pirates of the Care uh bee an.

I guess I'm a lazy speaker. The second way sounds better but thats not what came out of my mouth the first time.

Have fun on your date!

Anonymous said...

I say it both ways, but always say Care UH bee un when talking about the movie. Hmmmm. I think it's all the moving - I say some words in a very Baltimore way, picked up y'all while in Georgia and now find myself sounding like these mountain folk occasionally. What a mess their vowels are; must be more vigilant!

Ckrgg! (so says the word verification)

Anonymous said...

Come on Jenn, Meg finally blogged. Now you need to get with it! How was pirates of the Ca RIB ee un? I just wanted to be different.

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