Thursday, July 20

I think we've all arrived at a very special place

....spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically.

Sorry, gonna be quoting Captain Jack Sparrow around here for quite a while. We rented Pirates I to refresh our memories on Tuesday before our date. It took nearly 4 hours to get through the whole thing. Interruption after interruption after interruption.... I don't think we watched more than 10 minutes at any stretch. It was kinda funny. Then we went out to eat and had a blast. We had a great waiter - very funny - and we ate with great friends, also funny. Next: the movie. And my opinion was okay. I hate to say anything short of EXCELLENT! because the first one is sooooo good! but I had to really work to keep my imagination up with the script. Some of the characters were straight out of comic books. Some of the stunts were entertaining but totally not believable...almost slapstick style. I accidentally yelled at the screen at one point. Jack-as-tribal-king picked up a human toe necklace and went to nibble on a toenail and I couldn't help it. I instinctively shouted (in my "don't you dare" voice) just as I would to Sarah when I catch her attempting to put something vile into her mouth. "NO!" He didn't hear me though.

I think it would have really helped if I could have heard the dialogue better. It wasn't the best theatre. I know there was a conversation about Davey Jones and why his heart wasn't beating in his chest anymore, but I couldn't hear it. Sure would've liked to understood that one better. Then there's the cliffhanger. I will enjoy it much better when they are all three out on DVD and I can hole myself up with lots of junk food for a weekend.

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