Tuesday, September 26


Okay, it's publishing now. But now my entire Sidebar is missing! How did I do that??? My template says it's still there. My only guess is that while I was editting my booklist, a fat little baby banged the keyboard and deleted an integral, yet subtle something that tells my sidebar to be visible. Now what do I do?!?


Mrs. Pea said...

Fat baby, huh? Is this the same fat baby who's sneaking around my barren blog?! ;)

You found me! I'm so embarrassed that I've let that languish for so long. I have a great excuse now, though: I'm *pregnant*!! Whee! :D

I'll email ya!

Debra (yes, in TX), needing Fritos and pickles

Anonymous said...

Jenn, your sidebar is down at the bottom because your reading list is too wide because your links didn't work quite right. If you fix that section, it'll fit where it belongs again.

Perhaps you should have a cup of coffee and a chocolate bar! ;-)

(and your word verification is talking dirty to me.)

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