Wednesday, October 4

To clarify

White and Nerdy was a lot of fun, but I finally realized there was some inappropriate content in there. It only took 15 times of watching to realize that he wasn't talking about dancing on a sheet of bubble wrap. My kids couldn't imagine anything else, of course, but still. icky. And after realizing this, I watched the video much more closely and realized that our Nerd is being flipped off at one was blurred out and I just wasn't paying attention. Again, the kids don't know what that means, but I thought I should clarify that these aren't our idea of quality entertainment. I'm just slow.

1 comment:

Jennie C. said...

David came home with this song on his ipod. Hilarious! I didn't even know Weird Al was still working. :-)

Can't watch the's gone, but I think it's a funny song anyway.

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