Monday, November 6

That other ham recipe

This one is actually a conglomeration.

Freezer full of 6 easy meals:

Make sure you've got plenty of counter space so you can spread out -
6 loaves raw bread dough (I just buy the frozen 3pks of Rhodes)thawed and stretched out to your average cookie-sheet size

Ham loaf (someone please come up with a better name for this):
Spread 2-3 Tb of mustard down the center of 2 of the loaves
Sprinkle chopped, leftover ham (or good deli ham) over the mustard
Sprinkle cheddar cheese over this. I use about 4-6 oz each loaf.
*Fold short edges up and then long edges over the top. Pinch them together, sealing them well.
Brush each with 1 Tb melted butter and sprinkle with corn meal and cayenne (opt.)
This one came from my awesome MIL, only she makes hers with biscuits from scratch, which is even better.

Spread about 1/2 cup of pizza or spaghetti sauce down center of 2 bread loaves
1 large package of turkey pepperoni divides in half perfectly between the 2 loaves
4-6 oz mozzarella
diced black olives or any other pizza toppings you might like. Mine prefer it pretty plain.
*Fold edges as above, brush with melted butter, and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

Sausage Bread:
No sauce for this one
Cook together 1 lb regular sausage and 1 lb sage sausage. Add in diced green onion.
Divide between 2 loaves. Sprinkle with loads of mozzarella. No topping for this one until they come out of the oven, then sprinkle with mozzarella to melt over the top.

Each of these is pretty simple. I bake them at really doesn't matter much, just pull them out when they're golden. 1 loaf feeds my 5 eaters if I serve a salad. 2 feeds us well with leftovers for Chris. They freeze beautifully.

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Jessica said...

yay! i'm always looking for new stuff to make and these look pretty easy. i'm going to make one this weekend when my husband returns from his big hunting trip. hooray!

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