Thursday, January 4

The Father of my children

Scary, isn't it?

Naw, not really. Look at my stud-muffin as he drives us to a Cookie-decorating party.

And look at Mr. Sweet-Cheeks as he reads an Advent story to the kiddos.

Hot, isn't he?

And not only is he easy on the eyes (most of the time,) he's the best man on the planet. An awesome husband, an unbelievably wonderful dad, and just an all-round great guy.

And he makes me laugh. I love that.


Anonymous said...


The pictures of Stud didn't show up. Is he a blank entity that exists in your mind?

No, couldn't be. :)


Jenn said...

Any better? I don't know what is up with picasa lately. Some of the girls' pictures didn't show up on the kids' blog either. I can always see them the night I post them, but not the next morning. If I didnt' get an email from your comment, I wouldn't have known until tonight...if then. Sometimes they still show up for me and not others.

Jenn said...

P.S. No, I didn't imagine him - lol! My imagination isn't THAT good!

P.P.S. Thanks for the head's up!

Anonymous said...

Eh...he's alright, I guess. If you go for that attractive, godly, good father, provider, husband type.


Anonymous said...

Now I can see him...he does exist. I can't comment if he's the MOST handsome, 'cause really MY man is...but he's up there, I'd say (beside Brad Pitt). lolol


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