Sunday, April 1

Fool for you

Y'all are sweet. Sabbatical is almost over. I'm realizing that I have been sabotaging my own efforts and wasting more time than I realized. Every day I wish there were more hours to get more stuff done. I drag myself to bed and I drag myself out of bed and I never get enough done. But I see other people getting it done, so I know it's possible. Jennifer is redecorating an entire house, yet still cooking good meals for her family, teaching her children, and being a good blogger. It can be done. I'm just not there yet. I'm going to have to make blogging wait until I do my day's duties from now on. And my blog reading. I'm missing you guys! I've snuck in a few times to peek at your blogs, but not near enough.

So, how is your April Fool's day going? I don't remember the last time April coincided with Palm Sunday and I'm feeling a bit heathen-ish. It seems very disrespectful, but I can't help it. I am the Queen of April Fool's. Through the years, I have:

  • sewn my husband's shirts to their hangers
  • sewn his underwear together so that when he grabbed one pair, the rest followed
  • placed a few strands of cooked spaghetti in his socks
  • put double sided tape inside the pantlegs of his jeans
  • put a rubber band around the spray nozzle of the sink so that it sprayed him when he went to fill the coffee pot
  • super-glued a few coins to the steps on our tempting, but they didn't un-stick for another 2 years
  • dyed the milk green
  • turned the clocks ahead an hour....darn, I forgot the van clock and it didn't take long for him to turn around and come home instead of going to work an hour early
  • put blue dye in the shower head
  • put chicken bouillon in the shower head
  • given him a 'false positive' pregnancy test...back in his Two and only two! children days, I had a pregnant friend take a test for me. I taped the test under the sink, placed an unopened test in the bathroom for him to see, switched the unused test for the positive test, and left it on the counter for him to read the results for me...."because I'm just too nervous to look."
Forgive me if I've shared this before. I know there's more, but this is all I can remember at the moment. This year was rather uneventful for Chris. The kids woke up in different beds this morning, and that was fun. Joel, my 7 year old was flabbergasted when he woke up in Sarah Grace's crib. And Chris? All he got was a raisin in his toothpaste tube. It kind of shocked him when it popped out, but that was the worst of it. I also placed a sticker on the eye of the optical mouse, but that won't take him long to figure out.

I'm running out of ideas. I have many more years with this wonderful man, Lord willing, and I'd hate to disappoint him by making the next 50 April Fool's boring. If you have any ideas....don't put them in the comments section, 'cuz he'll read them, but please email and share so I can store up good ideas for next year.

Lend an Ear (just a small sample, sorry)


Anonymous said...


Those April Fool jokes are H-IL-ARIOUS!!!! I can't believe you've done all that.

I could never come up with all those things. I'm also too lazy to do some of them. :)


Christy said...

LOL you are horrible!!! I love it :)

Jessica said...

hahaha you are too funny!

Jenni said...

Glad to see you're back:o) I did the pregnancy test trick once. Got him good, too. I didn't try it on April Fool's though. Danny's family is big on April Fool's and he probably would have figured it out.

theotherbear said...

BWAhahaha!!! Those just totally cracked me up. I might even just use some of them myself next year :)

Jennifer said...

Oh you are GOOD! LOL

We only do the verbal kind of April Fool's jokes around here, but I really like your ideas. I'll have to remember these for next year!

Jenn said...

Ah, see, I can't do verbal pranks. One look at my face and Chris knows when I'm lying. I'm a terrible liar. I've practiced and tried to cover it, but everyone sees it all over my face every time. It even comes through in my voice.

Once, 9 months pregnant, I called Chris at work and reached his co-worker standing beside him instead. I told them "I'm not really, but could you tell Chris I'm in labor?" I could hear them turn and say "Chris, your wife is having contractions!" And I could hear him say "No, she's not." How does he know?!?

Long distance pranks, it's the only thing that will work for me.

Momma Roar said...

They are so funny. Just stopping by, saw a link at Jennifer's blog. I'd never think of these ideas - but maybe I'll have to try one next year. My hubby can tell when I'm lying too - I cannot keep a straight face :| j,well, I can but just in type!

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