Tuesday, April 10

Brilliant post-Easter commentary

Purple jelly beans taste like drinking perfume.

Red jelly beans taste like eating the crusties from the edges of a cough syrup bottle.

Yellow jelly beans taste like chugging Mr. Clean.

Orange jelly beans... not so bad... like a dreamsicle that melted and refroze into little chunks.

Green jelly beans... depends on the brand, of course, but Smucker's fruit jelly beans taste like sour apple and I can't complain about these even though I detest jelly beans.

Oooh - the pink ones are cotton candy flavored! Almost like a JellyBelly. I'm impressed.

Drats. That was the last pink jelly bean. Apparently, I'm not the first to discover this rare gem.


andie said...

At the risk of being run out of civilized society, I hearby admit that we never, ever get jellybeans for Easter.

At least Ronnie isn't alive to see what's become of this country, I guess.

Jenni said...

In the regular (Brach's and such) jellybeans, I like the orange, red (love crusty cough syrup), and black best. Purple does taste like drinking perfume! Or at least what I would imagine that to be like. Sour apple is one of my favorite flavors and I've got a bag of Jolly Rancher jellybeans around here somewhere. Jelly Belly jellybeans are my absolute favorite, though. Buttered popcorn is my top pick. Mmmmmmm.

Andie, when I was in elementary school we had a Weekly Reader edition dealing with the election process. There was a little information about each candidate including what their favorite candy was. I voted for Reagan because he said jellybeans.

Christy said...

LOL I totally agree. I hate Jelly Beans. Laura Grace told me they tasted like thrown up medicine. Now if that didn't kill your appetite for them... LOL

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