Saturday, April 14

I see love.

I love my church.

It's hard for this pentecostal gal to get used to a Baptist service. But I've learned so much these last 3 years and God is growing me here.

At the end of this, there's a podcast of our Easter service's praise & worship.

If you're interested, here's a run-down:
The first song is Arise, sung by our worship leader/youth pastor. Towards the end, he's joined by his awesome wife, Michelle. This woman can SING.
Next is a prayer and great cover from our pastor while we scrambled to get everyone on stage because the bulletin said another song was supposed to go before us. They changed their minds.
The second song is a music special sung by me and an awesome band. I can never remember their band's name, but I'll introduce them -

Matt Boatright - lead vocals and electric guitar
Abby Smith (beautiful fiance to Matt) - Matt and background echo voice (she's got the voice of an angel - no kidding)
Josh Sigafus - drums
Mandy Sigafus (Josh's lovely wife) - bass guitar

They are sooooo good - and I am sooooo grateful to them for joining me.

Matt picked the song. It's "I See Love", originally done by Third Day, Mercy Me, & Steven Curtis Chapman. The sound on this is pretty bad. I don't think you can even hear the guitar or bass. I don't think my microphone is running through the recorder - what you hear of me is being picked up by Matt's mic beside if you listen to this and hear my voice kind of loud - TURN IT DOWN! because when he comes in next, it will blow you away. Where it sounds like I'm singing rather, we'll say that's the sound recording's fault, too. And that part towards the end, where I come in late and throw everyone off, messing up the timing for the whole band....yeah, that's the sound man's fault, too.

I love this song. I LOVE this song. It's simply asking - who do you see?

Here it is.....Lend an Ear.

After the special, I'm the mousy, flat alto singer who sounds like she must surely be picking her nose while she's singing.


Terrillyn said...

You don't know what a blessing this is to me. I was ill (just a very nasty cold but I didn't want to share my germs - I'm selfish that way) on Easter Sunday and couldn't attend services. I missed not celebrating with a body of believers the resurrection of my Lord and Savior. Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Aww man, I was wanting to hear you sing! It's not opening up for me!

I'm so happy you love your church.....I'm still not there! I'm praying about it though.

Have a great Monday!

Jenn said...

Terrillyn, I am so glad this was a blessing to you! I LOVE your name. I don't think I've met another Terrillyn before.

Jennifer, I'm not sure why the link isn't working. It's coming up for me. It's okay though, you aren't missing much by way of my singing. :D But the band - I'd love to put a copy of their music in everyone's hands. Here's a link to the church website: Maybe it will work better for you.

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