Wednesday, May 30


Did you know there was a movement?

For instance, Modern June has this beauty:

And Kitchen Madonna has this baby:

Simple Things has this pretty little thing:

Here is me in my favorite apron:

I loved this apron up until about 15 minutes ago when I discovered this apron movement of which I was previously unaware. Though I have a favorite apron, I don't actually wear mine very often. I never think of it until I'm already covered in flour. Nan is hosting an Apronpalooza over at her place.

She has an awesome list of apron creations which makes me want to give this apron thing a try. I couldn't share a picture, but I am absolutely in love with the Hailey Full Ruffle over at Layla Grace's. you have an apron? Mind sharing your favorite pics? Do you wear your apron? Do you wash your apron or let it get nasty for a while first?


Christy said...

I want an apron... I keep planning on buying one, and then never do.

Anonymous said...

Those aprons are so cute! I'm going to have to get mom to make one with me.:) How have you been sister? It's been so long since I've heard from you! I hope you can get AIM sometime so we can talk!


Jenn said...

Meg! I'm heading over to sign up for it right now. Sarah's on my lap and fussing, so no guarantees I'll get it done this afternoon, but I'll try.

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