Wednesday, May 30

Same day

I'm attempting picasa to load these pictures....but not holding my breath. Picasa has never liked me.

I was backing out of that stranger's driveway so quickly because I was the driver for a youth scavenger hunt. Yes...I did that embarrassing thing with many witnesses, including a van full of teenagers. My team was doing awesome! And then I did that. These kids were great though and sat patiently in the ditch without a complaint. I called my awesome mom to pick them up and help them finish, but they lost too much time and ended up losing the race by only 3 points. If only....

But the scavenger hunt was followed by pizza which was followed by Mud Relays. I was the picture-taker-person so I didn't get into the thick of things, but doesn't this look like so much fun?

Thank you Mr. Ed for getting me out of the ditch in time for pizza.

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Growing in Grace (Nicole) said...

Looks like a very messy, muddy, fun day! (except for the need for Mr. Ed :)

Nan said...

Oh my goodness! That looks like too much fun! :^D Almost makes me look forward to the boys being teenagers. Hee hee!

Just wanted to remind you not to miss out on my fun series of giveaways next week! I wish I could win!

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