Monday, May 28

Ed is special

I always like trying new things.

Always wondered what it'd be like to meet Ed of Ed's Towing.

Always wondered how much they charged for oddball things like this.

And now I know.


mom said...

And how did Chris feel about you seeing this other man?

Jennie C. said...

Well, I'm glad you finally found out. Embarrassing, isn't it? (I spelled that wrong, but I'm not sure how.)

Growing in Grace (Nicole) said...

Oh no! I hope it wasn't too expensive!

theotherbear said...

Isn't that the most positive thing about being a blogger. When you do something stupid/silly/embarrassing etc, you can shrug and take photos, saying 'at least it'll make a good blog post'.
I used to get upset when things like this happened to me. Not now. The other day I took photos of the dinner I cooked, after I dropped the lot on the floor, so I could blog about it.

Jen in MS said...

LOL!! Sorry about that! Britt knows the feeling....except it was a big, filled up U-haul truck, that he thought he could turn right into a driveway going about 30 mph!! I could have killed him! A couple of hours later and about $75 dollars down the drain, we started unloading the truck!

It happens to the best of us!

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