Monday, May 14

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm a day late, but I really want to hear - please share how your Mother's Day went!

Mine started early Saturday morning with a girls' day out, yardsaling trip. The good yardsales were an hour away and Sarah was not impressed with the idea. This is her only 15 minutes into the journey.

Honor, however, loved the opportunity
to ham it up for the camera.

How 'bout a nice natural pose, honey?

Any better there, Sarah?

Ah, no.

There were even real tears.

My mom, my grandma, and I met up with my aunt and my cousin and went in search of the great yardsale. Our first stop was a jackpot for me: tons of little girl clothes. It was the sale of 3 sisters who each had several little girls. And they had very expensive tastes, which was good for me. For $30, I left with bags of nice clothes, some still with tags. WooHoo! By the time we stopped at yardsale #3, Sarah was looking a little grey in the lips.

Then she threw up.

We hoped it was just carsickness and she really seemed to perk up afterwards, so we went home for our favorite part of the pre-mother's day tradition: our tea party luncheon.

Dainty chicken salad sandwiches with celery, grapes, and pecans on fluffy croissants. Mmmmm. Strawberry salad & deviled eggs. Hmmmmm. Sippy cup of orange juice....wait, that just ruins this pretty table, doesn't it?

This is Grandma, my beautiful aunt, and her beautiful daughter. Beautiful people inside and out. That's a lot of beautifuls for such a tiny paragraph, but it's true.

Here we are: 4 generations of us girls.

My family has some amazing women. They have a good sense of humor, they have great taste, they have deep concern for others, and they have double chins. You heard me. It seems to be some sort of curse on our family's females. Oh, the things they hand down. It is genetic and unavoidable. I've had it since forever. Really. I was 110 lbs in school and I had a double chin. Ignore it. We have much better traits to admire.

It's a family of beautiful ladies and I'm blessed to know them.

Sarah ended up running a fever and throwing up some more, so she stayed home with Chris the next morning for church. But before I left, my sweet family surprised me with breakfast in bed and this pile of gifts. This pile includes the beautiful monitor. There's that word again. But isn't just? It's a flat screen! We've had a ginormous monitor taking over the entire desk for years now. I coveted one recently and Chris tucked it away in his brain for a gift. And now I have a ginormous screen, with plenty of desk space. Perfect for a non-blogger such as myself. :D After church, we all went out to Chris' family's for a great lunch and great company. A restful afternoon and a great service at church. Best Mom's Day ever for me.

Okay, please share your mother's day with me! Add a comment so I can come read yours!


Jenn said...

Oh, and you think the chin is bad? The other side of my family shares crookedness - is that a word? Seriously, crooked chins and noses. Look close at my picture and you'll see it. Wait, no! don't look close. Close one eye and squint and admire how non-crooked I appear.

Christy said...

LOL You are hilarious.

You and your family is beautiful and I only detected one double chin in the picture-and it isn't on you!!

I am coveting your monitor...but in a good way ;)

My Mothers Day was uneventful, but that is how I wanted it! Clay made cinnamon rolls (he actually enjoys baking from scratch-one of the reasons I love him LOL), my mother in law gave me a cute new purse, my children gave me the usual hodgepodge of handprint pictures (all cute of course :)) and then Clay gave me a MONEY TO GO SHOPPING WITH. That was the best part of the day LOL. We went to church, took naps, ect...
It just dawned on me that I wrote a really long response-and I have blogged about it as well...SORRY LOL

Jenni said...

Oh, Jenn! You are so cute! Okay, not just cute. You're perty, too.

I hope Sarah is feeling better! It sounds like you had a pretty nice Mother's Day anyway.

My day was nothing special, just a day to relax which is exactly what I wanted. There was nowhere I had to be all day. The kids went swimming in the pond and I got a few silly video clips, then Danny took me for a drive so I could take pictures of anything that struck my fancy. Maybe I'll post some of that later this week. We watched X-Men 3 and then went to bed. Nice, peaceful day, and I couldn't ask for more.

Jen in MS said...

Hey Jenn,
Your family is beautiful! I enjoyed reading about your day, but sorry to hear about Sarah getting sick! Yeah for the new monitor!

My Mother's Day was wonderful. We skipped church out of sheer exhaustion from Saturday (and the fact that I was so sore that I was hobbling). I had already received an early Mother's Day present that I had found somewhere and begged for (art for the wall) but the kids still pitched in some dollars into my card so I could be treated to Starbucks. Britt served me a light breakfast and then took the kids swimming so I could paint. That's the one thing I requested for my day. When he came back in, he had ordered us lunch from my favorite restaurant, and we all rode to pick it up. After lunch, we all swam and laid around the pool. I had a race with Britt and actually won (he was caught off guard by my quick back stroke, lol). Then we got in the car to head for Starbucks and while I enjoyed my caramel frappuchino, we drove off the 10k I did the day before and marveled at how long that really is! And we finished up my mother's day with a massage from Britt on my sore muscles! It couldn't have been a better day! Nice and relaxing and I actually finished my painting!

Karen said...

It sounds like you had a very nice Mother's Day! I love seeing family pictures, too. I'm sorry your little one was sick, but those pictures of her are precious. We had one that hated to ride, and would do the same thing! LOL.
I posted on Monday about my Mother's Day, so I won't take up space here.
I hope your daughter is feeling better, and no one else gets it!

The Wooden Porch said...

That sounds like a wonderful day! Minus the barfing, of course. All the women in your family, including you, are beautiful!!!

I love me some good yard sales. I went to one that all the girl's clothes were TWENTY FIVE CENTS APIECE, and practially brand spankin' new. It was the best sale EVER and it was 4 years ago and I still talk about it.

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