Tuesday, June 12

Hittin' the Calgon a little early, ain't ya?

You have to read last night's "Ralph" entry first. Go ahead and scroll down. I'll wait. Unless that post skeeves you, in which case, you might not ought to come back and read this one.

Okay, now, where were we?

Oh, yeah. I was about to tell you about my 2nd lesson learned: Never, ever throw paper towels in the toilet. I thought I'd avoid chunks of fish in my laundry by using paper towels to pick up the bigger pieces. Aren't I so smart? Those same pieces came floating through my bathroom floor early this morning. And now I'm out of towels. And let me tell you - regurgitated fish, which had my gag reflex going last night, isn't half so bad as regurgitated fish soaked in toilet water.

On a sweeter smelling note, everybody in the house is healthy this morning. Hooray! It's a short bug!

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