Monday, June 11


Nope, not the person. The verb.

Yesterday afternoon, my oldest complained of being VERY tired with a slight headache and stomach ache. 10 minutes before church, he said he thought he should stay home. Figuring he'd just had too much sun and was worn out from 2 picnics the day before, I told him to suck it up and be a man.

About 30 minutes into class, he raised his hand and asked to go to the restroom. I said sure, but he didn't make it to the bathroom. He threw up in the trashcan beside the door. Oops. He was being a man. I suck as a mom.

Today, he's fine but his younger brother had the other stomach symptom. Not much fun for him, but it required less clean-up for me. Sympathetic pats and kisses were pretty easy to dole out and since it was necessary to take the day off school, I got to read a book. Not a bad day. By this afternoon, he was feeling pretty decent, so I figured we were good to go for a playgroup tomorrow. I served a gentle baked fish for supper to ease them both back into eating. But mid-supper, J. bolted to the bathroom like lightning. He didn't make it to the bathroom. Baked fish made a thin trail down the hallway, a huge smear in front of the bathroom door, and a trail the rest of the way in. I cancelled playgroup.

I made a mental note, and feel compelled to share my new wisdom: Do not feed them fish if there is even a chance that they might throw up. Keep it liquid. No soft solids. Lesson learned.

All of that to say: My "New Beginnings" smell a lot like Resolve Carpet Cleaner and I think I just may have been tripping indeed. :D

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Jennie C. said...

Ralph is a verb?

Fish is definitely too strong smelling for queasy stomachs, but I guess you know that now!

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