Tuesday, June 19

Sick of Me

Sarah didn't have it.

Sarah had something else. Still has it.

I thought she was coming down with our bug because she was acting lethargic...something we all did just before it hit. Hers didn't hit. The lethargy worsened. She slept (fitfully) for hours. After sleeping and crying a day away, the mom-alarms were going off. We made the hour-long drive to the doctor and he told us that since she had no fever, she was just coming down with the bug we had. Come midnight, she started a fever. She refused all food and liquids. We held her down to pour drinks into her mouth, but she let it run back out. We drove the hour-drive back to the doctor. They tested for a urinary tract infection (ooh, catheter? fun!) but it was negative. Passed the strep test. They tested her white blood count....looks like a virus. And she was dehydrated. So we had to hang out and get IV fluids. She went home with the IV and we went back again today. STILL has a fever. Mono is suspected because of her symptoms, but it highly unlikely because of her age. The mono test required a blood draw from the arm and they couldn't get a needle in her because she was still dehydrated. Either way, we wait it out, so we decided we didn't need to know that badly.

In the meantime, she's sick of me. And of Daddy. And of her sibs and her clothes and her hair and of anything that attempts to touch her or make eye contact with her. But she still wants held. Do not attempt to put her down or she'll scream. But whatever you do, don't put your arms around her or she'll scream. Hold her, but for the love of popsicles, DO NOT TOUCH HER.


BgArt said...

All kidding aside, that is a bummer. I'll keep your little one there in my prayers. Keep well sister.

We do serve the Great Physician after all.

Oh, and I've done the "dehydrated blood draw test" dance before. NOT fun.

Becca said...

Oh, poor little thing. I hope she feels better soon. You must be about ready to go out and BUY some healthy people, just so you'll remember what they are like.

Jennie C. said...

Aw. Poor thing. Love to the lot of you.

Christy said...

I am so sorry! That sounds like what Laura Grace had-I know it is not fun and scary. Ihope she feels better soon.

andie said...

Oh, Jenn, I'm so sorry she's sick. Madeline had mono as a toddler, she got it from my (then) teenage sister. Email me if you'd like!

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