Sunday, June 17

Fools Rush In

Friday brought sunny skies and perfect weather and I was feeling tired, but close to normal after my stomach bug. The rest of the house was healthy, so off we went! We set up camp and enjoyed time with family. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and then Chris got sick. What were we thinking? It took 2 days for Ethan to manifest after being exposed....two days later Joel got it....two days later I got it.....and two days later we thought it was safe to run off and go camping? Chris suffered a miserable night and the next morning Honor came down with it. It didn't seem to phase her much though. We stayed at the camp ground until Chris thought he could handle the drive back home and then rushed back, with Chris making the hour and twenty minute drive in one hour. I cannot describe how miserable this bug is. I don't know how he was able to drive. The only reason he got behind the wheel was because I drove too slowly. He was desperate to get home quickly. More quickly than I was able to handle the twisty, curvy, hilly roads out in the middle of nowhere.

Now, on Father's Day, Chris is on the mend, but still miserable. Honor still has it, but she doesn't seem to realize it. Sarah has it.


Camping. With a stomach bug on the loose. What were we thinking?


BgArt said...

Good song.

Look at this way. You will now have that story for the rest of your lives. How many other people go camping with the stomach flu? None. They all sit home and watch Oprah (which has a tendency to make me wretch anyway).

You, my friend, are a pioneer. And that's why you get to review books.

Growing in Grace (Nicole) said...

I hope this sickness is done with your family soon. It's even worse being sick in the summer.

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