Thursday, June 14


I've got a stomach bug. I won't gross you out with the details, but suffice to say: I had to ask Ethan's forgiveness for not being more sensitive to what he was feeling. Oh, it's bad. I'm much better this morning, but oh. so. weak.

We leave for camping tomorrow. I worked up a few extra blog posts this last week and have posted them all at once. I think there is a way to schedule posts, so there could be a fresh post every day, but I don't know how. Instead, you may either gorge yourself on my empty, pointless posts all at once, or pace yourself to enjoy me all weekend long. :D


Jen in MS said...

Yuck about the stomach bug but glad you are feeling a bit better.

Enjoy your camping trip. I haven't gone camping since I was a little girl!

andie said...

I think we caught it from you. I read that Ralph post shortly before Lydia got sick, I'm sure of it.

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