Tuesday, July 31

Bible Study

I'm starting a new bible study in exactly one month from today. It is based on a cool little book called "Don't Make Me Count To Three":

I highly recommend the great chart that accompanies it called "Wise Words for Moms":

I've been attending a Cindy Rushton study every other Tuesday, and we decided at our meeting today that this would be our next study. One final lesson in the Rushton series and then we'll start the new book. I already have it and the first chapter is awesome. Seriously. Really, really good. It gets straight to the heart of our kids and helps us mold their hearts and way of thinking, not just outward behaviour. I'm the queen of outward behaviour. My kids act great. They'd never think of sassing. But I worry that I have exasperated them. They have been trained to comply and please, but not to stand firm and be courageous. Whatever parenting camp you're in, this is a great book. I'll blog each bi-weekly lesson as I go through it.

The best deal online for this book is at Timberdoodle, where they offer the book and chart for a combined price.


Christy said...

I just ordered it-I am so excited!! I have been looking for an actual bible study-not just a book that covers parenting.

THANK YOU JENN!!! I also really appreciate the advice-because you are so much like me it hit home kwim? I do think it is mainly physical, I do think there is something wrong with her-I am trying to figure out what...so frustrating!

Jen in MS said...

Hey Jenn,
I look forward to reading the wisdom you've gained from the book! Do you do this study with women from your church or what?

I finally started my blog back to today.

Have a great day!

Christy said...

I bought it, I am reading it and I love it!

andie said...

Where's the schooooool post? I need a little peace about my eeeeaaassseee plan, you know! ;)

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