Monday, July 30

Shopping for clothes

Okay, it's not a post about life decisions or anything, but I finished my shopping for the girls' winter clothes and had to share about a great sale. I try to get as many clothes as possible from yardsales, but what I don't find there, I shop for at....The Children's Place, Target, Kids 'R Us, or that other store that I can't ever remember the name of. I think Old Navy has cute stuff, but their jeans wear holes faster than I can get them home. I think Gap has perfect clothes, but I can't afford them. I've found the best deals at "that other store": Ralph Lauren & Laura Ashley dresses for $9.00. I ran across a coupon to The Children's Place though and checked it out online today. It had cute stuff and the price was perfect. I found the coupon at Retail Me Not and it was for 25% off their back-to-school sale prices and free shipping if you ordered shoes. I think the code was FMR77, but it doesn't show up for me once I've used it so i can't be sure. Everything I wasn't able to find at Children's Place, I was able to find on ebay later, so WOOHOO! the girls are done.

For guy clothes, my favorite so far is Kohl's. And Steve & Barry's.

For me clothes, Steve & Barry's doesn't work because their girl stuff shrinks. I'm curious to try the new "Bitten" line, hoping it's better quality. I bought stuff at JCPenney's last night. They had a huge "open late" sale. We drove to the city to shop at Penney's and eat Andy's Custard. I ended up with several 3/4 sleeve stuff. My favorite shirt cost $21.00 and I haven't spent that much on a piece of clothing in a long time. My 2nd favorite shirt cost $1.18 and that was more what I'm used to. Most of mine come from yardsales. too.

So......what are your favorite places to shop for kids clothes? Guy clothes? Girl clothes? I need shopping advice. And since I finally remembered to cancel my insurance after switching to another insurance company, I actually have money to buy clothes with. They refunded me all the months that were automatically deducting from my bank account. It feels like Christmas, only not as broke.


Christy said...

I shop at Old Navy, Target, and JC Penney for the kids' play clothes.

I go to consignment stores, Ebay, and splurge once a season and buy Kelly's Kids, Ragsland, Chez Ami, and other boutique brands for their dressy clothes/cute clothes.

My mother in law enjoys dressing my children too-and buys all of those smocked outfits that I drool over but could never afford!

For myself I shop at Old Navy, JC Penney, Limited and Loft (when I have birthday or Christmas money), and Target. GOtta love Target!!

Misty said...

Sears has the Kidvantage Club. Free membership, and every time you spend $100, you receive a 15% off coupon. Also they have a wear-out guarantee. If your kid's clothes or shoes wear out before they outgrow them, Sears will replace them with an identical or similar item for free. You just have to show your receipt if you are replacing worn out Lee's or levi jeans, anything else, you just bring in the worn out item. It's pretty good, especially if you have boys who like to wear holes in their pant knees.

Jenni said...

I've found cute tops for me and for 15yodd at DEB and Charlotte Russe. I still can't find a brand of jeans I really like. You know, somewhere between plumber's crack and mom jeans. Goodwill is the place I shop most often for me.

Jenni said...

Thanks for the jeans recommendation! I'm going to try those as soon as my wallet recovers from shopping for the kids' clothes:o)

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