Saturday, July 28

Still alive

Ooh, now I have "Stayin' Alive" in my head. Lend an Ear. I'm in love with Rhapsody.

My sis went back home yesterday. I didn't grab very many pictures because I was constantly leaving my purse (which held the camera) someplace. I'm not used to having a purse, but I picked up a very cute one while Sis was here. I'm not even sharing the few pictures I took because my camera is 10 feet away from the computer and I'm not getting up until I'm on my way to bed. I'm lazy like that. My youngest and my sister's youngest shared a nasty Croup bug. Honor caught it too. I haven't slept much lately.

Here are pictures of my sister's LAST visit, back at Easter. They're fuzzy, but they're the best I've got I'm sharing tonight.

I spent yesterday getting the house in order and I spent today getting our homeschool in order. I have an awful confessions to make, but I'll save it for another post. Ooh...a teaser.... I'm going to go into obsessive homeschooler mode over the next week. Get ready for pathetic wailings on lesson planning, notebooking, and scheduling. And the tormented soul crying out...Pre-school or Not Preschool? And if you've never commented on my blog, but are reading anyway, I beg you to chime in as I ask complete online strangers to help me make major life-decisions over the next couple weeks.
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andie said...

Preschool. All the cooool kids are doing it. C'mon...


Christy said...

I am right there with you on the life decision assistance. Just wait until you read my blog-the preschool or no preschool debate just took on new dimensions!!

You and your sister are so pretty! Your little girls aren't so bad either ;)

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