Friday, July 20

Funny Story

Family got together on the 7th for a belated Fourth of July celebration. Honor was so excited to play with her cousin, a boy. But his hair had grown quite a bit since Thanksgiving when we saw him last, and she informed me that she was very excited to play with the new "little girl". I also had been thrown off guard for a moment (trying to remember 'did they have a girl or a boy?) and ended up chuckling and walking away instead of correcting her. Later, Honor looked over his mom's shoulder while she was changing his diaper and gave a loud, shocked gasp. "She has a PE*NIS! Just like a boy!" The mom replied, "That's because HE *is* a boy."

That one threw her for a loop.
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Jen in MS said...

LOL! Cute story!

Love all your new pictures and your new family photo on the side bar!

Have a great weekend!

Christy said...

OH MY GOODNESS that is so funny.

I know i said this in my other comment but I love the white dresses. They look like angels!

andie said...


Leo is convinced Ella can't go on the potty. She has no penis!

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