Saturday, August 11

Belated Fess Up Friday

Anyone want to share a deep dark picture of your desk? See how scary mine can get?

Please tell me I'm not the only one with quill pens on her desk? New phone and dead phone? Index card junkie? Latin flashcards? History flashcards from last year's history lessons. The box of last year's stuff is in the garage, waiting to be used again. These flashcards missed the packing session and I haven't managed to take them all the way outside in an entire year now.

Blessedly, for me, my air conditioner went out. We had to call a repair guy. Thinking it would take hours to get someone sent, I called before I cleaned up the house or showered. The guy on the phone told me that they would send Matt to fix it "right now if you're home." Uhhhhh......give me 20 minutes. Matt is a friend of ours and we're still in the 'nice impression' stage. The kids and I flew into panic mode.

I love panic mode.

Sometimes panic mode is what it takes to straighten out our perspective. The laundry was caught up, but the odds and ends that collected in the laundry room were not. The air conditioner stuff is in the laundry room. The laundry room is in the kitchen, right next to the desk. Oh. The DESK.

I have somehow collected 4 laundry baskets that we rarely use and the kids and I filled every one of them with piles of stuff from around the house. It wasn't necessary to clean the whole house for our air conditioner emergency (we thought,) but once panic mode sets in, you run with it and let it accomplish what it will. We shoved every basket into my bedroom and shut the door. I even had time to light candles and slap on some makeup. The candles were a necessity because in our decluttering, Ike discovered a rotten bag of sweet potatoes in the potato basket. Left unmoved, we were none the wiser to it's existence. But once he picked those babies up...WHEW!
I'm glad he found them, but the timing could have been better.

See how pretty my desk is now?

I thought we'd pulled it off rather well, but Matt informed me on his way out that he had shut all the windows in the house for me now that the air was up and running again.


After he left, I took Grace to the bathroom, only to discover that she'd already left a deposit in there....with her seat right in the path of the bathroom window that USED to be open. I have no idea when she did it, but I think it's safe to say: That friendship is out of the nice impression stage.

I spent the rest of the day sorting through all the baskets in my bedroom and getting rid of stuff. Nothing got shoved anywhere....everything found a home. The boys went on a field trip to the see the Evening News being made while I cleaned. The girls watched Signing Times and Beverly Hillbillies. DVD's make such good babysitters.

I got it all done. The whole house. It's clean. All thanks to that stupid air conditioner. I forgot to replace the air filter and apparently those things are important. Who knew? Without it, dust clogged my coil and blew up my Flux Capacitor. Or something like that. But my house is clean to the deepest of closets. And I'm a happy woman.

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andie said...

Quill pen: check!
Latin cards: check!

Well, not now of course, but those were some of the things we shared in our piles of slop.

Good job!

Christy said...

That is hilarious Jenn!

The laundry basket idea is genius...pure genius.

I tend to revert back to my childhood and shove things under beds when I am in panic mode!

I will have to post my desk is SCARY.

andie said...


Who's Ike?

Granny Janny said...

Ike is my oldest grandson, Ethan Issac.

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