Tuesday, August 14


Sarah slept through the night. What is that.....twice in the same year?!? We're on a roll, baby!

However, this is how we slept last night: (sorry for the blur)

In the middle of the night, Honor woke up shrieking. Daddy got her calmed down enough to explain that a shark had bit her foot. My poor baby had a nightmare! Daddy checked her foot to be certain she didn't get bitten by a bug or something, calmed her down, and attempted to put her back in bed. She had a meltdown. There was no convincing her that it was a dream. There were sharks IN her bed. They were 2 inches tall and 6 inches long and she wasn't getting back in there. So we enjoyed some snuggling and slept as well as could be expected.

We had our first day with Lily today and it went so well. We did little preschool things together and the girls ran off and played together while the boys and I got so much school done. Joel started running a fever though and got to skip out on some stuff. His throat started hurting and we took him to the doctor just in case.....and yep, it was strep throat. He got lots of snuggles and warm baths and is almost enjoying this bug. We'll have a light school day tomorrow. Lots of cuddling and lots of reading. I love a good excuse to cuddle on the couch to read 'just one more chapter'.

Tonight, I have 3 kids in my bed. 1 big sister because there are sharks in her bed, 1 little sister because her sister's crying was noisy, and 1 big brother because strep makes little brother snore.

Honor was so precious. While getting ready for bed, she suddenly remembered her bad dream and began crying anew. Even after being convinced that it was a dream, she cried again and asked me "But what if I have another bad dream?" It was so real to her and my heart just broke for her. I wanted to promise her that she would have sweet dreams tonight, but I wasn't able. We talked a while and then she asked "Will you pray with me?" YES!!! So we prayed and just went to Mama's bed. I'd get a picture, but I'm afraid it would wake them all up. The other pictures were taken in the morning, when it was fine by me if they were disturbed. Since I'm about to crawl in with them (somehow,) I don't want to mess with it.

*NOTE* I know that YouTube is going to finally post my video right after I give up and go to bed, so I'll apologize now for the semi-duplicate post. Just enjoy the music. I also realize that my pictures aren't going to show. I didn't use Picasa this time and picasa has actually been kind to me. But it's installed on this computer and it *knows* I'm just using my cardreader. I can sense it sitting there getting resentful and I just *know* it's going to find a way to sabotage my pictures. But now that I've said it, my youtube video WON'T post and my pictures will, just so picasa can make me look like an idiot for saying they wouldn't. It's personal.

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