Wednesday, August 8

Fall Clothes

I get all of our clothes from yardsales, but this year, I haven't had the yardsale mojo, so oldest girl and oldest boy were facing nekked cold weather. Youngest girl didn't inherit hand-me-downs because her and her sis hit opposite seasons. Don't you hate that? You carefully store your favorite clothes and they miss each other's size/season. Little Miss Pudgy Pants is inheriting big Sis' clothes as soon as she outgrows them....six months after the season they were purchased for. Drats. However, I hit pay-dirt at a yardsale for her, so she's set. Youngest son is inheriting years of yardsale finds (luckily boys clothes don't seem to change much in styles) so he is set too. I bought Honor's clothes from ebay and Children's Place. The Children's Place package came and we had a blast doing the fashion show.

Here, we're obediently posing for Mama. Feels a little silly. Like the pants.

Now we're getting into it. This is kinda fun. I'm changing clothes just like I LOVE doing 20 times a day, and yet you aren't yelling...

Little Sis got a little apparel fix, too.

Butter. I could just eat this girl up.

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Work it, baby, work it.
yup. That's a backpack.
She's going to school.
2 days a week for 2 hours each day.

Why the holey jeans? For years, we struggled to keep the knees hole-free. Now, you buy them off the shelf with holes worn in, seams sanded down to fraying, and an odd yellow staining that doesn't look "aged" so much as "urinated on."

No thank you. We'll tear ours up the old fashioned way. He somehow has decided it's cool though, and wears them as holey as we can stand to allow.

Oops. Too big. Thankfully, Children's Place let's us return online items at the store. I also ordered too large a size in tights for Grace. We have 2 more trips to the big city before school starts and we lose contact with the outside world (The outside, nonblogging world of course.) We'll exchange them tomorrow or Saturday.

I also stopped by and spoke with the mom of our new daily visitor. I'm going to go ahead and babysit. And it feels so right. Chris and I sat back and prayed and decided that it didn't matter how right or wrong it seemed to us (and it actually seemed very right,) it wouldn't matter if it didn't have God's blessing on it. It's such a relief to leave those decisions in God's hands. Lily will be staying with us while her mom teaches. Lily is in Honor's preschool class, so they will travel together.

Thank you so much for your advice and prayers. MissDiana, I'm so glad you chimed in and shared your thoughts...even if I did the opposite, it's so good to get perspective to be sure you're examining every angle.

We've watched Lily in the past (briefly as a substitute babysitter) and she fit right into our schedule and house rules so well. I know that it complicates things, but it just feels right. School, too. Thank you for your prayers, ladies!

One last thing! I'm looking into shutting this blog down and blending a family/school/me blog thing. Does anyone have any advice on templates and prettying things up or on file sharing via blogs? I really want to give away some pdf downloads I've created. Word docs would be great, too.

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Jennie C. said...

I don't know about sharing files, but it's really, really easy to change your blog around with the new blogger, and the categories make organizing all the different stuff that is "you" much easier. And having one blog makes blogging easier. :-)

Christy said...

I am glad you made a decision that you feel like is the best one for your family!

I think Honor will have a blast and since Lily fits in so well I think it will be a good change! Honor will be entertained and you will have extra money!

BgArt said...

Them's some spiffy threads you got there.

The homeschooling grammar teacher in you probably just fainted at that sentence, ain't it!

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