Wednesday, August 8

Shopping Spree

My camera batteries went dead, or I'd have shared lots more. I got this one shot out and realized....Crap! No more pictures tonight!

This is a dear friend with whom I've spent very little time the last few years. It's amazing how far away 30 miles can be. Isn't she purty? This makes all of 3 pictures I have of this gal. She moved before I got my camera.

Now pretend with me....picture of all my cool finds at the Teacher Store. Picture of us getting a little lost. Picture of the incredible bankrupt-dance-hall-bar-turned-church FULL of tables COVERED in used books. Here are the books I took home (I took this pic this morning with fresh batteries. At least a third of this pile was free stuff they were just giving away. The rest averaged $0.50. WooHoo!

Now, imagine with me....the picture of the awesome spicy chicken pasta followed by my favorite chocolate torte. It'd be so pretty if only I'd had batteries...

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Christy said...

Looks like fun!!

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