Saturday, October 20


I watched an awful movie last night, but it had a really good point. The movie was Evening. Chris brought it husband likes Claire Danes almost as much as I like Christian Bale. Okay, not even close, but it makes me feel better to think so. Anyway, I had been in pms mode, lamenting the lack of passion and adventure in my life prior to watching the movie. You can't stay in that mode after watching this.

The movie is about an old woman dying and looking back on her life and thinking she'd screwed it all up and had missed out on what could have beens and at the end, a friend tells her "we did what we had to." Huh. wow. yeah. Perhaps my husband doesn't always quite understand the level of desperation I'd like him to have when he looks at me. Perhaps that level of desperation would make us unwanted dinner guests in the real world. Perhaps I actually have all that I ever dreamed of and so much more, but forget to appreciate it like it deserves.

Also toward the end of the movie, the woman remembers a moment when her girls were little and she was in the midst of cooking dinner and everything was needing dealt with at once and kids were crying and the pressure was on.....and she just stopped and sat down with her kids. She sang to them and let dinner burn. And in the end, who remembers dinner that night? Nobody. But they remember that Mama loved them.

So like I said, the movie stunk, but it left me thinking, which makes it not so stinky, and makes this a sentence full of far too many commas.


Jennie C. said...

I tried this one last week. Couldn't do it. I hung in there for 45 minutes or so, but I just couldn't make it. It had potential, though, didn't it?

Mike said...

I see your comma and raise you a semicolon!

Caralyn said...

What about the movie made it stink?

The Chirgwin Family said...

Wow. I heard a quote once... something like, "Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you'll look back and realize those were the big things." Thanks for your encouragement.

Christy said...

Hmmm...I might have to get this one off of Netflix. I like movies that make you think.

Clay is groaning loudly LOL

Jenn said...

Jennie, I know - potential! I love the time period, I love Claire just never seemed to find it's own skin, kwim? No groove.

Mike, you can't; handle% these/ punctu@tion sk]lls< of, mine+++

Caralyn, I have no idea. And you know I have no skills in this area - I just like what I like. It's not the deep thinking part - that's actually the one thing I liked. For such an intimate movie, there seemed to be so little character development. What little was revealed seemed to contradict itself later. Also, come on, she knew the guy all of 24 hours and he was the one true love of her life? And she couldn't be with him because...? They felt responsible for the guy's death? Did they feel less miserable being apart or more? But mostly because I want everyone to be truly happy in a movie, just like a good Jane Austen book. :D

Gwin, your posts encourage me often, so I'm glad to return the favor.

Christy, just be sure to rent Reign Over Me the same week. Chris rented these both at the same time and Evening made me think, while the other made him think. Neither could, in any way, qualify as feel-good movies though.

andie said...

Ooh, deja vu!


Natalie said...

I just wish that My So-Called Life had continued for more seasons. It was a show about teens for teens, it was a show about teens for adults who remember being teens and it was about adults for adults. It touched me on so many levels and it really should have continued on.

I love movies that remind you to notice the moments that make up the big picture. Our children remind us that we are blessed, to ignore our children is to ignore our blessings.

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