Sunday, October 28


My last post was over a week ago. I'm down to reading other blogs just once a week, and not hitting half of my favorites. I signed up to give a book review 6 MONTHS ago and haven't done it. I haven't updated my reading list in nearly as long. I have vacation pictures to share from a month ago. I received an award last week and didn't even know it! My husband, the non-blogger, has blogged more recently than I have. So I'm posting this just to point out, in case you hadn't noticed, that I'm a stinky blogger. I'm betting you're not shocked. :D

Since my Studmuffin left nightshift, it's been harder to find good blogging times. I'm working on it. I'll get there.


andie said...

AND you owe me an email. Gosh, Jenn. You just stink, huh?

Andie, who NEVER has blogging lapses. HAHAHAHA

Christy said...

We all understand!!!

I have the luzury of children who still nap-or at least play quietly-so instead of cleaning I BLOG. Bad, huh?


Jenni said...

Hey, *real* life happens, huh?;o) You're still in my favorites. It only takes a sec to click over and then away if there's nothing here and I'm always glad to see it when there is a post. Do what ya gotta do.

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