Wednesday, November 7

Day 2 without sugar

Journal entry #2

Husband figure has left truffles on top of the fridge. Half a pound of Rosewood truffles would make a satisfying breakfast. He's trying to destroy me.

No matter. Retaliation is as satisfying as chocolate. I'm going to go clean something with his toothbrush.


MIL said...

Good morning sweet thing. How can you resist your favorite truffles?? Bad,Bad boy. Sounds like he needs a little NAGGING and just bake that boy some chocolate chip cookies. That'll show him. Jenn, you look amazing but I sooo understand the jean thing. Love ya, Mom

Jenn said...

LOL - I love your version of nagging, but it's so hard to go topless with the kids around!

andie said...

And I thought my family was odd!

(Please explain me to your mom so she's not offended, Jenn. Thanks.)

Christy said...


thanks for the laugh.

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