Thursday, November 8

Day 3 without sugar

Journal entry #4

The church cafeteria ladies outdid themselves in preparation for a football game. Team spirit, blah, blah, blah. I enjoyed my salad.

This morning a fiend friend brought over Krispy Kreme Pumpkin Spice Donuts for breakfast. I smelled them very slowly before enjoying my celery smeared with Laughing Cow cheese breakfast appetizer. Then I really did enjoy my poached eggs over sauted spinach leaves. I froze the donuts. Hey, I won't be sugar free forever.

Weigh In: 133, but I was 137 this morning. Odd, huh? There must be something up with the scale.

Withdrawal symptoms: 4, fluctuating to a 5 every time someone offers me something wonderful. Without the temptation in sight, I'm a 4 due to feeling shaky today. When I see something irresistible, I salivate and have trouble focusing. Odd things are beginning to look like temptations. Hard candy. Marshmallows. Things I'm not generally fond of, but which I know contain sugar. However, I'm not terribly grumpy and this is surprising me. The hard part is almost over and it hasn't been THAT hard!

*Edited to add: Christy, I'm 5'4". I know it sounds like a lot, but I've done this 2 other times and it has worked very quickly for me both times and stayed off....once that sugar addiction is broken, it is much easier for me to resist the bad stuff and stick to a balanced diet. Or my scale is screwey.

**Editted again to add: I mean that I did it two other times because I've had 2 other kids. It really does stay long as you don't get pregnant. This 3rd time...I don't know what is up, but my body is just acting weird lately. And No, I'm Not Pregnant.

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Christy said...

I keep saying that to myself too.

I. Am. Not. Pregnant.

My wieght will fluctuate up and down like that every day-maybe water weight? I don't know...

What foods are you avoiding? What are you eating?

I am curious... I am 5'2 and 130 pounds...I am much more comfortable with myself at 120.

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