Sunday, November 11

Day 7

Okay, I didn't really eat my journal.

Saturday, I purposed to enjoy Olive Garden's soup and salad and maybe just lick the breadstick. However, my friends that I went shopping with were in the mood for Mexican. Now, think hard and tell me, what was the last carb-free item you saw at a Mexican Restaurant? Yeah. That's what I thought. So I ate my salsa with a spoon and ordered a chicken enchilada smothered in cheese sauce. After licking the bowl clean, I ordered another one.

I was stuffed for our outing, but it was very fun. We went to a Women's Expo and I got to hear the Flylady speak. She had a country singer open for her and he was hot hilarious. His name was Eric Dodge and his lyrics were very clever. Here's a YouTube link.

.I'm not into country music much, but my husband is and I'm inclined to agree with him that modern country music sounds like the love child of old country and old rock...not so bad. I have a friend who has thing for guys in tight Wranglers, so we visited his booth and got her cd signed. While she lusted at his table, I lusted over the High Efficiency Large Capacity washer/dryer combo beside him. Half the water, half the time, half the detergent, and 4 times the clothing per load. I wanted to make out with that machine.

That night, my awesome neighbors invited us all over for dessert. Apple pie with a crumb topping. I ate a tiny wedge and savored all 3 bites.

This morning, I couldn't find the willpower to resist the chocolate donut with chocolate frosting. My awesome neighbors that I mentioned above were also going sugar free and I asked for a little encouragement (they are our church's Youth Pastors, to explain why they were in my S.S. class) but Roy told me that they were taking weekends off of the diet. I decided that I'm pretty sure Roy hears directly from God, so that sounds good to me. I enjoyed 2 donuts.

And noodles with my pot roast lunch.

Weigh In: 131.
Withdrawals: um, withdrawals from what?

So, I didn't gain any weight with my weekend foray, but I can definitely tell you I felt much better beforehand. Part of that could be that I drank less water over the weekend. This morning, my weight is steady, but I look puffy.

Here's hoping today's menu doesn't send me back into any withdrawals.


Growing in Grace (Nicole) said...

What a cute song! I've enjoyed reading about how you're going off sugar. I so need to do that, but I'm scared. I live for my one can of Coke a day!

Jenn said...

You can do it Nicole! Find a beverage replacement that you can enjoy and give it a special time to enjoy....a beverage ritual. :D I buy Sam's Choice Mixers' Sodium Free Seltzer Water and squeeze a lemon into it or even drink it plain. It satisfies my need for something with the hard bite of fizz. I LOVE drinking Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tastes so sweet without adding any sugar thanks to the spices in it. You would be amazed how much better you will feel after 1 week without soda. I don't know if you're looking to lose weight at all, but if so, dropping soda will give you results very quickly too.

Do it! Do it! Just so I won't be alone!

andie said...

See? You should come visit me. I've got that brand new LG washer (um, well, now six or so months old, I guess) downstairs! And, um...the laundry room has a locking door, if you'll need some time, er, alone. ;)

Christy said...

I told Clay I lust after those machines.

He was a little scared!!

But them ny inlaws got one and I AM IN LOVE. I save up dirty laundry to take to their house and wash. Seriously. I am sick, I know.

You will get back on the diet!! I am trying to drink more water-I like your beverage suggestions.

Natalie said...

I broke down tonight and had 2 pieces of caramel and 2 pieces of chocolate caramel out of the candy stash that is supposed to be saved for Paul's pinata in January. I had a emotionally hard evening and just felt like it was calling my name.

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