Monday, November 12

You know how sometimes you just can't remember a word?

It was getting close to supper time and Honor walked in looking pensive.

me "Honor, are you getting hungry?"

Honor "Nope. I'm getting....drinkier."

Um, thirsty?


Jennie C. said...

I'm drinkier, too. You should hear me talk to my kids. It's like my brain has turned to jello. Today, I couldn't access the word "end table". I told Delaney to put something away in "the thingy next to the couch with the drawers and the lamp". She just raised her eyebrows and walked away.

Growing in Grace (Nicole) said...

Hilarious. I love words like that. Sometimes I think they really do make more sense that what we're supposed to say. My daughter hangs her coat on a "hooker". :)

Caralyn said...

LOL, Tatum, my almost 5yo says often, "Mom, I'm drinky." It must be a girl thing. :)

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