Wednesday, November 14

It's that time of year

Time to break down and buy Paper Towels.

All year long I regretfully pass the paper towel aisle while purposing to be content with my dishcloths and kitchen towels. I love them, but my budget says they are decadent. But the week before Thanksgiving marks the advent of chaos for me. We school year-round and end our year with Thanksgiving. After that, we do "Christmas School", which the boys think is a month of no school, just that 'fun stuff'. Not that our regular school year is all boring, but the wild Ubangee in them comes out to enjoy this time of "freedom". We go through an online Advent Calendar with lots of excellent ideas for focusing on the Season and for looking at cultures around the world, current and old. My boys love the recipes for treats from around the world, the crafts, and of course the video games. I give them Christmas word puzzles, readings, and math worksheets that they think are just for fun. Suckers.

But until all this fun begins, I have a week to wrap up our school year and am realizing how short I've come in my list of things I wanted to finish. I don't know why I don't start thinking of it sooner. It's always when someone mentions how they're planning on cooking "The" turkey next week that I realize - OH, NO! We still have another month worth of history lessons to finish in just one week?!? That's right. Rather than responding to the soon coming Advent season with "Goodness and light, the season of our Lord approacheth!" you'll instead find me saying "Oh, crap! it's almost Advent!"

It'll take a week, but I'll get over it soon enough. Thanksgiving is always my favorite holiday. You can't stay anxious through such a day - surrounded by friends and family, reminded of the gifts of our Lord, thankful for His many blessings and for His Grace that hopefully covers the many gaps I leave behind me.


andie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that has these thoughts about paper towels.

I buy them when the husband travels...and sometimes, there are even *giddy sigh* paper plates! It's wonderful. Until I see the trash and the guilt kicks in.

Growing in Grace (Nicole) said...

I hope you can have a very fruitful and productive week!

Christy said...

Oooohhh...I love the cute paper napkins too.


I love the website! I am bookmarking it for my classroom!

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