Sunday, November 25

Love is Color Blind

Me: What did you learn in Sunday School today, Honor?

Honor: Mmmm, we talked about sharing.

Since we'd had a major issue with sharing stuffed kitties this morning, I thought this was excellent timing. Honor had 2 and Grace had none and Honor felt this was a nice arrangement. Gracie loudly felt otherwise.

Me: So we can share toys like our kitties, huh?

Honor: No, we can share crayons. I colored with a sparkly purple and a sparkly blue today.

Me: And if Gracie asked to borrow the purple crayon....?

Honor: I'd give her the blue one.


We had a discussion on sharing and she agreed it would be fun to share both blue and purple and take turns. I turned around to pick up Grace who told me "I want a green one."


Mike said...

"I want a green one"


Christy said...

laura grace just gives layton the braken ones.

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