Monday, December 3

My Man

I've had an awesome weekend. I got to run away and celebrate 12 years of marriage to the most wonderful husband in the world. My parents watched the kids overnight! Thank you guys! I love every moment with my children, but it was so nice to have a moment to connect with my best friend. We spent plenty of time talking about the kids, shopping for presents for the kids, and waking up out of habit for the kids. But we had lots of time to say "Oh, yeah, that's why I married you!" and I am overwhelmed with God's blessings. The best kids, the best husband, the best parents.....the best weekend.

We came home to a great church service. You know the kind, the ones where everything seems to go wrong, but regardless of the failing of our plans, God meets us where we are. Our overhead projector had a glitch and our worship leader's wife had to leave stage to work on it. She's my fellow alto and I try to take my cues from her. Ack! I'm glad I made it to music practice that morning. Christmas songs are HARD! And even the alto part is higher than I'm used to singing. But God saw me through it. I didn't hit all my notes, but I didn't pass out! Actually, the awesome part was that it didn't even occur to me that I was standing on stage alone - it was just an awesome morning of worshipping my Saviour. If you know me and my hang-ups, you'll understand that this truly required the hand of God.

Sunday afternoon had us practicing for our play from 3:00 to 10:00 p.m. with an hour break for church service from 6-7.....we played hooky from church to go feed the kids supper from the uber-nutritious Wal-mart deli. Our practice was long, but it was incredible! It came together! It's going to work! We perform in 2 weeks and up till last night, I just didn't see how we were going to pull it off. But it's working! I'm playing the lead and could still use some prayer please!

So at 10:00, we came home and celebrated a very late Advent. My husband is so cute when he's exhausted. He led us in an Advent devotional that I can't remember a word of. We were very bleary eyed. But it was worth staying up for.

Such a deep thinker, that girl.


Big Yawn

Trade kids

No, she wants Daddy's lap.

So very blessed.

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Christy said...

your family is beautiful :)

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