Monday, December 17

The Christmas Post

The play is completed! Done! Over! I had so much fun doing this, but I am so glad it's over! Thank you to everyone who prayed for my cold. My voice lasted just up to the end of the 2nd show. I had an awkward ending and got very little out, but God came through.

Here's a shot of me getting ready for the play. Isn't the hair just swell?
And I'm wearing enough makeup to play the part of a hooker.

Here's the opening song and the center backdrop.

My Joel, the Newsie. Ethan was supposed to be there, but ended up with a stomach bug.

My husband, the goofy cop.

Goofy singing face during a solo.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Herzog.

Mr. Herzog is a scrooge.

"Couldn't we please bend the rules, just this once?"
(pitiful aren't I? And pale-legged.)

Breaking and entering? Isn't it swell?

My husband is now sick of donuts.

Did I mention the swing dancing? On a Baptist stage?

And here is where my voice gave out. At the big emotional climax.

I had 3 lines and then a final song. The lines didn't come out, but a lot of frantic prayers went up and the song was sung. Not well, but it was sung.

Let's see that hair again.

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Writing and Living said...

Glad your voice held out. LOVE the hair.

Anonymous said...

I love it! The hair, the singing (which sounded great, btw!)...what fun! ;) I wish we'd been there.

Off to shred some pork.

The virtual Deb formerly known as Pixie ;)

Christy said...


I am glad your voice held out!! The play looked awesome, I wish my church did something big like that!

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