Tuesday, December 18

Christmas photos

My wonderful MIL took pictures for us this weekend. We needed something for Christmas cards.

The kids look like they want to eat you in this one.

Better. Any chance we could all look the same direction? Is Grace O.D.'ing on cough meds?

Ooh! You were right, Caralyn! Shots from above are thinning!

There we are! Final pick!

If we actually mail thtem, it will be a miracle.

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10000 Smiley Faces said...


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Christy said...

I love it!!!

Ya'll look so cute :)

Caralyn said...

See? You all look 2.6lbs lighter! lolol Beautiful family. Your sons look just like your husband and your girls like you. Such a nice family. When are you moving here? Skiing's good this year already.

Jenn said...

See, you've got me....right up until the skiing part. You're there, so I know it must be great. The healthcare....tempting in its own right. But the cold. Oh, the cold. I love it - for 3 months out of the year, with lots of 40 degree days to balance out the icy days. Any more than that and I'm done.

Growing in Grace (Nicole) said...

That is a great family pic! You have a beautiful family.

Jenni said...

Merry Christmas, Jenn! Your family photos turned out fabulous!

I think I'll try that trick. It seems that taking photos from below ADDS weight. Oh well, live and learn.

Very cute pictures of Ethan (love the snowman) and of you and Chris during that play. I'm so glad they tamed your bangs instead of leaving you with the "Something About Mary" look.

The swing dance comment left me wondering. Do Baptists usually not dance? All Baptists or Southern Baptists or Regular Baptists or what? Somewhere I've got a book about denominations, but I think it would be quicker to google:o)

Well, I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I'll have to check back more often, but reading a handful of posts at once works too.

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