Thursday, December 20


The kids made Rice Krispy Snowmen last week. Ethan was so proud of his, he just had to take a picture.

What he didn't realize, is that the star of these pictures is not the snowman.


It's his nostrils.

See what I mean?

There IS a cute snowman in the pictures. Honest.

At least they're clean.

While he has entered into the awkward adolescent age, I need to assure you he is truly a very handsome boy. A stud even. He gets it from his Daddy.

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Granny Janny said...

He gets his nose from uncle Jay.
I think I can see his brains.

Christy said...

HILARIOUS> the last picture a child is attempting to steal the snowman.

Cute idea! I will have to make some with my kiddos...

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