Saturday, February 9

Ideas Requested

Chris is working ferociously to get his computer business opened up. We've tried establishing it from home, but without some visibility, it's just not getting the word out. So he's looking to set it up with an actual shop, with signs and everything.

This requires a name to go on the sign.

Prior to now, he's worked under the name Rent-A-Geek. But now he fears that people think he's copying Best Buy's Geek Squad. The man is anything but "common" and can't stand the thought of being considered unoriginal. So we're brainstorming new names.

We have a few ideas at the moment, but would appreciate hearing some more. If your idea is chosen, I say you deserve a bar of Amy's cool soap.

In case it helps in the brainstorming: the purpose of the business is to provide dependable, quality technology services to the community while representing Christ in speech and conduct.

Any thoughts?


Christy said... ideas. But I am the queen of no idea...

I did respond to your tag :)

Melissa said...

Dh says Christlike Computers. No comment from me.
He also said The Godly Geek. He's a funny funny man.

He works with computers, so he said he'll think some more. I'll try to think of something myself, and post again. Good luck. It is wonderful that your husband can work his own business and spend time with the family.

Melissa said...

Dh suggests

Abundant Resurrection Computers

The whole plan is the 'power of three'. To be truly memorable it needs three names (who knew?!) He also likes the play on both bringing the word of Resurrection to people WHILE resurrecting their computers. Like I said, funny funny man. :-)

Natalie said...

Does your church have a yellow pages directory?
Does your local Christian community have a yellow pages directory?
Place a business-card-sized add in the AT&T yellow pages that has the fish on it.
Word of mouth is pretty much how my DH has grown his business (computer network support, specializing in Macs)- too much advertising (especially too early in the business) and you end up with more customers than you can handle.

Mike said...

The REFORMATionist. Eh? Eh?

Bar-of-soap-ville, here I come!

Mamagistra said...

Tech Check...that's all I could churn forth from my tired brain. ;) I think Rent-a-Geek is pretty cool already.

I can help with a logo if you need that... :)


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