Sunday, February 10

Bible Study Finds

I am still on the hunt for *the* devotional for kids, but found something I am really enjoying for Independent Bible Study. Bible Study Planet has devotions and pages for all ages. It's free and very generously so. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

And for us grown-ups, I found a site called Resurgence which was designed to help study the bible using original languages. I have barely perused it, but have high hopes.

#1. I didn't sleep last night because I was up with a baby with a fever.
#2. My kids are watching Garfield in Spanish right now.
#3. I have to get 4 wisdom teeth cut out Tuesday morning. They're putting me under and I am afraid of 3 things: not waking up, waking up with wrinkles around my mouth, waking up and remembering hitting on my anesthesiologist....or something equally embarrassing.
#4. During my half hour of achieved sleep last night, I had the weirdest dream. It deserves it's own paragraph, not just a number on a list.

I dreamed that I didn't finish my dessert and left a few truffle chunks in my carton of ice cream (already you know this is obviously fiction or I would have eaten it, hungry or not) but the chunks of chocolate turned into little tiny mice that kept running frantically and growing into furry rodent things. The carton was too small, so I dumped them into a laundry basket but they kept trying to get out, so I clubbed them. (!!?!? and it seemed so casual and clean - not a gory dream at all) Well, I just managed to knock them out, not knock them off because they kept coming to and they kept growing. Once they started looking like small ewoks, the kids asked me to not club them. But they kept growing and it turned out they weren't truffles, mice, or ewoks. They were 9 month old babies. Six of them. In my dream, I told Chris we had 6 more kids and I was really concerned that they might be "special" because of the head trauma I'd caused them.

True story.

I seriously think I should win a contest for that one. Anyone want to hold a Freaky Dreams Contest so I can win?

Don't forget - Pride and Prejudice on PBS at 8:00.


Jessica said...

did you make it to your hot date with the anesthesiologist? (sp?!) i had all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out when i was 18. they also put me out, but only because i refused to do it other wise. (i LOATHE the dentist)

anyway, let me know if can do anything for you afterward. it sucked for a few days but after that not so bad. one cheek puffed up like a chipmunk, but the percocet made me oblivious of that. :P

Anonymous said...

I think the pioneer woman should give out a wii for the wackiest dream. You would definetely win one for the boys then. Good luck with the teeth. I have two out already and two more to go. Mine are completely impacted and I had to have an oral surgeon remove the first two. I didn't go under though. You can't drive yourself home if you do. Have fun!

Love, Your darling baby sister

The Chirgwin Family said...

Oh, you have me in tears laughing! I love it! I can't wait to check out the Bible study stuff. Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day,

andie said...

No more John & Kate + 8 and ice cream before bed for YOU, missy.

Christy said...


I have had similar dreams lately-I am blaming Tamiflu.

YUCK about the wisdom teeth, I hope everything goes okay.

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