Thursday, February 14

Spring is in the air

Not really.

Jennie C. has been sharing her beautiful Spring observations and I can almost smell it

....only I can't.

Because there is nothing but the smell of more snow in the air.

Or more specifically....more ice.

00161, originally uploaded by bluepickle_1.

I didn't have my surgery. An ice storm hit the night before and we couldn't go anywhere. So it is now rescheduled for next Tuesday. Joy of joys. In the meantime, we have been having a BLAST with our 'snow days'. Lots of P.E. credits earned while sledding down hills and struggling to get back up them. Lots of Life Application Skills developed by cleaning up downed tree limbs. Fun Valentine Worksheets for utterly pointless busy-work. Art....homemade Valentine's Day cards, of course. Do Charles Wysocki puzzles count for a subject? It's a snow day tradition to put together a Charles Wysocki puzzle. Unfortunately, it's been so long since we've had a TRUE snow-day that the boys didn't even know this tradition existed. They know it now! And the news is calling for more ice on Friday and more ice on Sunday.

I'm still using Linux instead of Windows and haven't been able to use Picasa to share new pictures for a while. I have LOTS of ice pictures to share though, so I'm attempting to use Flickr. I have a flashy flickr thingy on my sidebar....please check it out so I can feel justified in wasting investing so much time getting it up there.

I have to try and describe this ice storm just a bit. It was truly awesome. Not in the Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure kind of Awesome, but in the Wow, God is so incredibly amazing kind of Awesome. Around Midnight, Chris scooted me and 4 kiddos out of our bed because he was worried the tree outside might fall through the roof and squish us. After safely redistributing the little ones, he and I stuck our head out the front door and just listened. There was a constant sparkling, crackling sound and every few seconds the distinct crash of a large limb falling from a tree somewhere nearby. We listened for a few minutes, watching the glowing icy fairyland, and no more than 5 seconds went by before another branch somewhere nearby came crashing down. There were limbs and trees down everywhere the next morning. I tried sharing pictures. I hope they work!


Anonymous said...

WOW - That's beautiful! Bet we don't get any of those kind of days in Hawaii :-)
Aloha - Mom & Dad

Jennie C. said...

Sure, I've got spring in February, but you have no idea what we'd give for a little snow! And come summer, when we can't even leave our house, well, we won't be envied then!

Christy said...

it is so pretty!

I would take snow over spring right now...

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