Wednesday, March 12

Cute things

Grace said, "Mama! You vacuumed your room! Looks gooood!"*

*note: if your cleanliness level is such that your TWO YEAR OLD notices small improvements like this, you might want to up it a notch.

(chocolate face)

Honor said "I want to die."

Me: "?"

Honor: "So we can be in Heaven with Gramma Jesse."

Me: (thinking this is so very sweet) "Someday we'll get to be in heaven with grandma, sweetie, but not until God says so."

Grace: "But we want to be DIED!!!!"

Honor: "I want a pink castle when I get there."

(she really likes her chocolate)
(don't look at my messy desk)

The pictures have nothing to do with anything. But it had been awhile since I'd shared a picture. I have Windows back. Sorry Ubuntu. I wanted to love you. There are things I'll miss, but sharing pictures takes precedence.

Sorry about the comment moderation - I got a spam comment this morning urging me to download their virus protection. I forgot to turn moderation off after I deleted it. But now I see that I can just click that little trash can without turning moderation on. Sweet.

But I thank you for having left comments anyway. I tell ya, they really do make me smile.


Anonymous said...

WOW, Minnie-Me really looks like me diving into that beater!!! How sweet are these children? Why not a pink castle? My best frined and I often dream about meeting under the chocolate tree after we meet Jesus. Have a beautiful iceless day. Love Ya, Grandma Muzzie

Jessica said...

cute girlies! mmmm...chocolate! are we still on for the cake-fest at your house tuesday? do i need to bring anything?

Anonymous said...

LOL about your room! My kids always want to know who's coming over or where we are going if they see me getting dressed!

Your girls are TOO cute!

I hope you are doing well!
Have a great day!

Jen in MS

Christy said...

mmmmm... now I want chocolate icing!!


LOL about the room comment. Your children are so refreshingly like LG and I can't tell you how good that makes me feel LOL

Lawanda said...

Awww They are so sweet :) My 3 year old said something very similar when my Grandma passed away. I love little kids! :)

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