Wednesday, March 12

Introducing *UPDATED*

A fantastic blog I recently discovered.

I don't remember where I found the link, but something led me to this post: Living Out My Dream, which spoke deeply to me and I've been pondering ever since.

I hadn't visited since. I truly was still chewing that first nugget. Still am. But this morning, I visited again and ran across this post on Spiritual Pride, which I thought fit well with my lesson from Wednesday night.

And since it's March, National Homeschool Burnout Month, I thought this post was fitting.

The site is elegant, the writing most sincere. There are so many websites and blogs on Christian Womanhood that are full of pretty prose and quaint encouragements. But they all blur together to me as pages of Christian-speak. Empty words intended to sound good, but lacking substance. This blog is the exact opposite of all of those. It encourages and advises beautifully.

Go take a gander.

UPDATED: Reading back over this, I wanted to add that it is a nice addition to my already encouraging list of blogger friends. My blogging buddies are not included in that mentioning of unsubstantial websites. If you were, I wouldn't be visiting you. :D


Jessica said...

i thought that was your green van! ha!

Jennie C. said...

Huh. I didn't even think to be offended. :-)

Jennie C. said...

Why did you go moderated?

Christy said...



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