Thursday, March 27

Hey, hello, and howdy

Everybody have a good Easter? I'm popping in to be a good blogger, but we're leaving on vacation in a few days, so don't expect much for a while.

Anyone know a good place to buy a bathing suit? I've done 2 trips to S-town and have STILL not found a suit. It is assumed that if you are under a size 12 that you must surely want to wear a bikini. I want a skirt. A skirtini I guess is its technical name. But I want it in a 6. It doesn't exist. Please prove me wrong. Someone send me to a great store with a great, yet modest bathing suit. Please?

2 oddball things:

If you are traveling with children, you may love these two websites:
Mom's Minivan and Paula's Archives.
I've got my own little entry on Paula's archives from 4 years ago.
I was going to be a writer. This is the only thing I have "out there".
Quite proud. *grin*

If you shop online at all, you've got to check out this website. It was recommended to me by the illustrious Jennie C. I was quite skeptical at first and let my sign-up bonus period slip away before really checking it out. But if you aren't a procrastinator like myself, you can earn $10 for using their website to visit one of your usual online shops. Also, using their links to reach your usual shops gives you discounts AND cash back on purchases you'd be making anyway. For instance, I bought Chris magazine subscriptions for Christmas. Through Ebates, I found them much cheaper than anywhere else and I earned $6.00 in cash back. And if you check this website out via my link, I will earn extra moolah. Since we'd both be earning moolah, it's a win-win situation. We recently discovered that NewEgg has a link through ebates and Chris is happy about this one.

Oh, wait, a 3rd oddball thing:
Sarah sat on the toilet a good 10 minutes tonight and insisted she wasn't ready to get down yet. "I not done."
"I got a lot of poop in me."
"I got lotsa poop in me."
"You got lotsa poop in you, Mama?"

I offered her sugar to get off the toilet and suddenly she was "Ah Done."

Had to share.

I'm sure she'll be thrilled that I shared it with the world.


Jessica said...

i am going to print this and present it to sarah on her 16th birthday. you're welcome. :P

andie said...

I'm going to print this and show it to Leo on HIS 16th birthday so I can at least say that Other Kids suffered a blogging mother, too! LOL

Lawanda said...

That is too cute about the potty time!! Looks like your little monkey had a great party! WOW! You go all out for birthdays, huh?! It looks GREAT! :)

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