Sunday, March 16

Sunday School

Imagine 4 glasses in front of you, each a different size and shape. When water is poured into the first one, and that first cup is used to pour the water into the 2nd cup, and the 2nd cup is used to pour into the 3rd and so forth......did the water ever keep the shape of the glass from which it was poured?

In Sunday School this morning, we discussed the fact that we are like water. We conform our lives to that with which we surround ourselves. Our text was Romans 12. I decided to forgo my usual lecture in surrounding yourself friends that edify and instead, asked the gals in my class:

"Is it possible for someone to be conformed to the image of a Christian?"

"Is it possible for a Christian to be conformed into the image of a 'good Christian'?"

We thought and talked and decided that it is possible and likely. Upon becoming a Christian, it is not necessary to grow deeper in a relationship with God to still learn how to act just like everyone else in church. You learn how to act. You learn how to give the right answers. You even learn how to pray out loud. But even this excellent behaviour does not mean you are being transformed on the inside.

We are saved by the blood of Jesus. We are justified by faith. We are transformed from the inside out as we walk in a love relationship with Him.

I think this conformed/transformed thing is especially so for us moms of little ones. We're often TIRED! It is so easy to slip into auto-pilot when you are tired. Don't get me wrong, these are good habits. But it was a challenge to me this morning to make my walk with God more than just a habit. It's the Great Romance.

And then we discussed Predestination/Calvinism/Armenianism (is that an -ism?) and I am still avoiding sitting down and deciding where I stand on that topic. I am going to postpone thinking about it until after Easter. I'll be spending the week thinking on Christ and what He's done for me. So no blogging from this chicky till next week.


The Wooden Porch said...

Have you ever read "The Holiness of God" by RC Sproul? It's an incredible book. I read it while I was stuck in the middle trying to figure out what my exact views of God were too.

Christy said...

This is a timely post for me-even though I am reading it late lol.

I struggle with this a lot-am I truly living as I should? Am I doing what I do just because it is part of the culture i am in? Because I want to be seen as "a good person" Or am I doing it because i am in love with my Saviour?

It is so hard to find that excitement, that passion right now.

Anonymous said...

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