Tuesday, April 8

Day 2 at the Alamo

Actually, this one is still Day 1, but I had to share it. Doesn't Ike have the worst shoes you've ever seen? He loves them because they look like Spider Man. And for the record, no one waited until Honor was asleep to put those stickers on her face. She did that herself.

The Fam at the Alamo.

Giant Alamo fish that scared the crap out of Sarah.

I have no idea what I'm pointing out to Sarah here, but it was a beautiful place and you couldn't help but think about the holy men who walked there and the soldiers who later died there. It felt as if you'd see it play out before you if you turned the corners fast enough.

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Mamagistra said...

ROFLOL at 'giant Alamo fish'! Poor Sarah needs a guard dog...oh, wait: that wouldn't work, would it? :D


Mike said...

The Alamo, huh? Did you see the basement? HA! ...that's only funny if you've seen Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

That Alamo fish spooks me a little too. Looks tasty though. A little butter, garlic...what? Like you weren't thinking it.

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