Sunday, July 27


Our family has been blessed with friends. Friends to Chris and I that happen to be parents to my sons' best friends. We are so thankful for these friendships. These boys are encouraging to my sons. They stand up for each other. They urge each other to be better rather than tearing each other down. There is no pretension of "coolness" with these boys. They already know they're cool. They're buds.

A horrendous tradition these best friends have somehow suckered us parents into, is the rotating sleepover. Three families with two boys per family...that is a total of 6 boys, sleeping at a different family's house once a month. This particular shot includes another sleepover friend, for a grand total of 7 boys. Two of them got smart and slept on the floor, avoiding an embarrassing picture.

Did I mention that boys smell stinky? They just have this smell about them. A dirty dog smell. Dirt and sweat. Freshly bathed, they're fine. But it doesn't take long for them to soak up the smell of the outdoors and combine it with their own perspiration for a totally unique scent.....Eau de Smelly Boy.

Though smelly, they really are wonderful boys though. They stay outside battling all kinds of imaginary evils together and practicing their spy skills until the sun is down. Then they pull out the laser tag and battle all kinds of imaginary evils and practice their spy skills some more, but in the dark. Once us old people drag off to bed, they settle down to video games till after midnight. And yet, they are careful to not be too noisy and wake parents or little sisters.

Around 4:00 A!M! they are up again, playing video games until it's light enough to go back outside. They try to be quiet, but sometimes the nerves are a little frayed at 4a!m! and they just can't help it. Most mornings we don't even realize they've been up at such a ridiculous hour, but at the last sleepover, we had to send them back to bed around 5am. And for the first time ever, they went back to sleep and slept until 8:00 a.m. Suckers! They should know better than to sleep with a blogging mama in the house.

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Mike said...

That last picture is awesome.

Dani said...

The momma of a 8 year old boy-child loved this post/series of pictures. :)

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