Sunday, July 27

Oops, I missed one!

While scrolling through old posts, I ran across one still listed as "draft" that I apparently forgot to post.

It was back during a long break and was entitled "Where I've Been". Oops! Sorry. Well, here's "where I was."

I know I took a long break, but we had good reason. We ate, slept, and breathed soccer all spring. Two kids. Two teams. Two games every Saturday, 3 practices every week. Lots of fun. Not to be repeated. Lesson learned.

That, and the computer moved to the boys room. I think I mentioned that elsewhere. It's moving again. My room this time. I started selling Pampered Chef (I love this stuff) and the boys aren't enjoying my catalogs and files sprawled around their room. Once moved, I'll be able to blog more.

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Jessica said...

lovely pics of the smelly boy sleepover. luke is barely 1 and after he's been outside with his dad he smells just like what you described. who knew it started so early?!

it was so hot at the zoo that we flew through. i'm not big into reading the informational signs anyway. i'm better at gawking at humping turtles--dan does the educational reading.

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