Thursday, July 3

Ooh! Ooh! Big Sale!

No, I don't get kick-backs.

If you are a natural born slob like me, you need this:

Motivated Moms has a chore list that you print each week. It is easy to follow - just check off the list of daily assignments. Sometimes you'll get it all done and more. Sometimes you won't get half of the list. Your house will still be cleaner than it has ever been.

Best of all, their stuff is half price right now. For only $4.00, you could have a clean house! Try it. Honest. You'll love it.


Lawanda said...

I need linkage!! ;)

Jenn said...

Oops! I think I fixed it. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

hi mate, this is the canadin pharmacy you asked me about: the link

andie said...

Hey! I can't email out right now. Something is wrong with my SMTP? It's 2am and I'm too tired to figger it out.

I'll try again in the morning.

You know, when I'm not so freaked out.




P.S. Don't buy from the Canadin pharmacy.

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