Wednesday, July 2

What I'm up to lately

I've been doing Pampered Chef.

And loving it.

I'm seriously having a blast. I am NOT a salesperson. I have no skills in that area whatsoever. But I love pampered chef stuff and wanted the opportunity to purchase some for myself. Since there is no one in my area who sells it (trust me, I've searched for years) I decided to try it myself. A couple friends found out I had purchased the kit and asked me to do shows for them. I was really only planning on doing email shows/book shows with friends, but went ahead and gave it a shot, since it was only for close friends. But lots of other people booked shows and I'm officially a consultant. In fact, within 3 weeks of doing this, 2 people have already signed up under me and I am now a "Future Director". So about once a week, I get to do a cooking show, have fun, and usually take the kids with me to play with other kids. Oh yeah, and I get paid. And best of all, I earn more Pampered Chef stuff for free. For having a few shows and signing one person up, I've got $150.00 in free Pampered Chef product of my choice. Wahooo!!!!!!!! I love this stuff.

So here is my Pampered Chef website, if you happen to be hurting for the stuff as I was just a month ago. This stuff rocks.

So this is me every Monday night now.

What else I've been up to?

V.B.S. Almost there......

What else?

Kids with stomach bugs. Almost done.....

What else?

Drooling over cravings of Grandma's homemade ice cream with homemade fudge and homemade peanut butter sauce just a few days away.....I love Independence Day celebrations!


Nicole said...

I have a few Pampered Chef things as my sis-in-law used to sell. It is nice stuff. Happy 4th of July!

Jessica said...

i was very impressed with the pampered chef stuff. i am interested in getting some more when i get some money. when i rob a bank. (wait, did i just, type...that outloud?)

how much are those scraper things? i could definitely use some of those.

Kristina said...

I LOVED being a Pampered Chef consultant. I agree that you don't have to be a salesman. You just have to love Pampered Chef.:) I just didn't have child care anymore.:(


Christy said...

you are brave!!!! I may need to rob a bank with Jessica...LOL

Okay the ice cream sounds WONDERFUL!

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